Introducing Tracklister

I’ve spent a bit of time this month getting into React, 2019’s most beloved web framework (according to Stack Overflow’s latest dev survey). Rather than dive in blind, I decided to start off by porting/extending something I made earlier with Shiny (R’s bff web framework). The result?

Introducing tracklister, a simple web app made to help users of Native Instruments’ Traktor or Pioneer’s Rekordbox parse playlist and history files. As a DJ using these programs, I found myself frustrated that getting minimal (i.e. tracks, artists only) tracklists in plain-tect formats for sharing somewhere like SoundCloud was surprisingly difficult. tracklister attempts to restore the balance!

It’s already bigged up in the official React docs, but ICYMI - if you’re looking to get into React yourself, no better place to go than Tania Rascia’s intro.