Listening, Jan-Jun '19

Some of the records I have really appreciated in “H1” 2019 are here. There’s a Buy Music Club list at the bottom to go buy the ones you like and support the artists behind them, too!

Logic1000, LOGIC1000 [SUMAC] - Punchy and vibrant Aussie twists on UK funky rhythms, also featuring a slammin' Niche rework.

Shy One & Kwam, Spoons [Astral Black] - An ode to life, London and Wetherspoons, recorded in ONE DAY. Raw, relatable lyrics and cold productions.

Budgie, Holy Ghost Zone [Self-released] - More effortless Gospel bounce according to Budgie. That’s 685 – 689 Old Kent Road on the cover!

Powder, Powder In Space [Beats in Space] - Powder goes into space and brings back only the freshest house, for your enjoyment.

Sikka Rymes, Love Di People [DUPPY GUN] - Completely wild and essential performance from Sikka, perfectly complemented by bonkers Genesis Hull beats.

Solange, When I Get Home [Columbia] - Playful, spiritual jazz and Houston sounds form a stunning patchwork to get fully lost in.

Dave, Psychodrama [Neighbourhood] - Powerful and difficult listening at times, but allways important and gravitational raps from Streatham’s finest.

Anz, Invitation 2 Dance [2 B Real] - The first of two heavy hitters from Manchester on here. “Play these ones loud.”

Belter, Off The Meds [Studio Barnhus] - Hypnotic and intoxicating full debut from the Swedish-South African crew, does what it says on the tin. Joy kicks on from 81b with party-mode remix business.

Bézier, 府城 [Honey Soundsystem] - Tracks you can’t label, the result of a deeply moving and emotional recording process.

India Jordan, DNT STP MY LV [LOCAL ACTION] - More Manc royalty! Title track is the percy, will turn any frown upside down + activate hips without warning.

Various, PDA Compilation Volume 1 [PDA] - 100% club heat from PDA friends + fam. All profits go to the Association of Queer Ethnic Minorities (A.Q.E.M), too.

Afrikan Sciences, & The Kick Drum is Default [Deepblak] - Eric rewiring your little brain, as ever.

Tujiko Noriko, Kuro (OST) [ENTOPIA] - Tense, atmospheric soundscapes on PANs new soundtrack offshoot.

Gila, Trench Tones [Lex Records] - Runs through hip-hop, techno and ambient wonder. Had to cop the wax for that Eric Hu artwork!

Tierra Whack, All the singles [Self-released] - The Dr Seuss type spitter paints fully-formed tracks this year with as much colour as 2018’s Whack World vignettes. I stan.