Resident Advisor Podcast Appearance Rankings

Resident Advisor (RA) have run a (roughly) weekly podcast mix series since late 2010 (and still going strong). Each edition sees a new artist sequence a mix. I’ve been tuning in for a long time, and got to wondering which artists have been featured most prominently throughout the archives.

MixesDB is the self-proclaimed “database for DJ sets, podcasts, radio shows and more”. Over there, fans can enter metadata for mixes, including tracklists (i.e. which tracks were played). There’s even an RA Podcast section, which means that tracks played within mixes in this series are collated in one place (albeit with some missing data). This would help cure my curiosity.

MixesDB 2 .csv 📃

I’ve started a collection of mix entries and tracklistings data for RA, and other prominent mix series, within the mixes GitHub repo (the code is there, too, if you fancy riffing off of this on your own projects). Most of the data is parsed from MixesDB who openly admit that there can be mistakes (the data is entered by community contributors, remember), so file an issue if you see anything fugazi.

Nonetheless, I dug into the RA Podcast data to find out who’s appeared in the most mixes to date. Below is the top ~200 artists according to this metric.1

It’s a big look for Detroit, then, with the Motor City putting up both #1 (Robert Hood) and #2 (Omar S). Here’s a personal fave from Rob to ride out on…

  1. You can find the code behind this post here↩︎