The Atoxta Tower

I was in San Sebastian last week. I stayed right across from the Atoxta tower, the tallest building in the town. You can’t miss it tbf.

Atoxta Tower

I’m not an architecture buff or anything like that, but this hench grey building was arresting. Walking home from town across the river (Urumea), it towered head and shoulders over everything. What was it’s story?

The Atoxta tower was built in 1972, designed by Mariano Oteiza and Juan Cruz Saralegui. It stands at 21 floors, the tallest building in the city. The maximum allowed height for buildings in San Sebastian is actually 11 stories, which is why the tower stands out so much. Some locals seem to hate it so much there’s a building snuff vid out there.

Real Sociedad’s old stadium, Atoxta (1913-1993), used to be right behind the tower. Imagine watching a game from the 21st floor. FIFA birds-eye view camera vibes.

Atoxta Stadium

I couldn’t find out much else really, other than it’s still occupied by residents today. I read Do Androids Dream recently, so mysterious apartment blocks are sending my imagination wild atm.